The Science of Skincare

Immerse+ Skin Lab uses the latest in skincare technology, featuring products from innovative laboratories that are a result of continuous research. Carefully curated, high performance formulas, come together in the science of skincare.

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The Selection Method

When formulating our products, we do not simply follow the trends, claims or myths when it comes to ingredient efficacy. We research, study and validate. Only ingredients with scientifically verified performance are chosen.

Focused Active Ingredients

Focused active ingredients lead the body to naturally respond and repair itself. Stimulating the body to reproduce its vital collagen, revive protein synthesis, recharge hyaluronic acid inventory, replenish essential lipids and renewing its cell turnover that are building blocks for a healthy and younger looking skin.

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A Delivery System

Diffusion alone cannot deliver deep skin penetration, and guarding potent active ingredients and antioxidants from interacting with each other before reaching their targets is key to results. To improve penetration and prevent interactions between ingredients we using advanced multiphase systems and liposomes, that pass layers of skin cells on the surface, and penetrate deeper.

Solutions and Results

By combining the best of science and luxury beauty ingredients, Immerse+ brings you highly effective skin treatments that deliver lasting results over continuous use. Customers are no longer content with generalizations and indefinite promises, they are looking for solutions to specific skin care issues, which require the knowledge, research and the science of experts, which is where Immerse+ performs.

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